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Press Release


Polymedco has appointed the Mentor Corporation as its exclusive distributor for its tumor marker assay, the BTA stat® Test, in North America.

Cortlandt Manor, NY – March 1, 2001 - On February 21, 2001, Polymedco, Inc. formalized its new agreement with the Mentor Corporation to market and sell the BTA stat Test tumor marker for the detection of recurrent bladder cancer.

The BTA stat Test is a rapid, single step immunoassay. To use the BTA stat test, five drops of urine are placed into the sample well of the test device, and positive or negative results are provided in five minutes. The disposable test device contains two monoclonal antibodies that detect the presence of human complement Factor H related protein (hCFHrp) similar in composition, structure, and function to human complement factor H (hCFH). HCFH is known to play a key inhibitory role in the control of an immune system mechanism to destroy foreign cells.

Bladder cancer is the fourth most common form of cancer in men and eighth most common form in women in the United States. Over 600,000 patients in the United States are bladder cancer survivors. Due to the high recurrence rate of bladder cancer (over 75%), these patients are routinely screened for their entire lifetime.

"This agreement will allow Polymedco to focus our sales and marketing efforts on our clinical laboratory core businesses while Mentor focuses on the urology community. The new partnership will promote greater awareness of this important clinical tool which will ultimately provide enhanced monitoring for effective bladder cancer patient management," said Andrew Cervasio, president of Polymedco, Inc.

The BTA stat Test offers many advantages over current surveillance tools, including immediate results, lower cost and a higher sensitivity than cytology. The BTA stat test is approved for prescription home use as well as in the physician’s office. The BTA stat Test will be used in conjunction with diagnostic tools such as cystoscopy and cytology. Over 2.5 million cytologies are performed each year.

The Mentor Corporation develops, manufactures and distributes specialized medical products and is a prominent presence in the urology community.

"We are very pleased that we are now able to offer our customers a non-invasive, highly sensitive test for recurrent bladder cancer," said Christopher J. Conway, president of Mentor.

Increased awareness of the BTA stat Test offers physicians and patients more opportunities to use the test to detect recurrent disease. This is especially important considering the risk of recurrence for TCC is 75%. Increased detection rates may result in fewer cancers missed and improved outcomes.

BTA stat is a Registered Trademark of Polymedco, Inc.

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